Ling Booster Reviews 2019- My Results – Is it work or not?


Ling booster: A marketing stunt

Product name: Ling Booster

Manufacturer: No information available

Price: INR 2990/-+ 160/-  SHIPPING

Pros: 10% customers claimed this gel increased their sex time

Cons: 90% customer said there was no change in the size of their penis. Instead they got severe itching problem and fungal infection. Company claims it is a government approved product but there is no such certification.

My Honest Ling Booster Review

Ling Booster review
Ling Booster Nimorub 20 Cream bought on 2019

I came across this Ling booster gel ad when I was surfing an adult website. The ad showed a simple and completely safe way to increase size of Penis. Ling booster comes in the form of gel which is easy to use and there are no side effects in using the cream. Generally I don’t believe in any of the claims made by such unknown companies but as this product seemed legit, I ordered it straightaway.

I got it for total INR 3050/-, which was quiet a high price in india for such this kind of creams. But still I paid and decided to use it.

Claims made by the company:

Manufacturer claims this gel is made up of Maca root, which is used in many medicines for sexual dysfunctional issues. It is well known that Maca Root is used by humans from centuries to increase sex time, sexual desire and energy booster

According to manufacturer ling booster contains Ashwagandha and Yohimbe, which is by far the most utilized herb for sex enhancement pills. Yohimbe is used as a natural penis enlargement medicine as it increases blood flow in penis and makes it tighter and harder

As all ingredients mentioned by manufacturers are scientifically proven as sex enhancement herbs, people easily fall for such products.

Moreover company claims just by massaging your penis with this gel on daily basis, size of penis can be increased. Company also claimed it can be used as an energy booster.

Ling Booster Does it really works?

Ling booster fake cream

As mentioned in instruction manual, I massaged my penis with this gel for 4 weeks in hope of enlarging my penis and getting extra energy in bed. The gel did not worked at all. Neither did I had my penis enlarged, nor did I gained extra energy to perform more in bed. This gel had no use except as a lubricant. Apart from that, I got severe rashes around my penis. It w=burned like hell. I had to consult my family doctor who instantly advised me to stop using such products.

Why it didn’t worked?

After this terrible experience I searched about such products and realized that the ingredients mentioned in the list can work only when they are taken through mouth. Just topical massage can never help in increasing the size of penis. Moreover these companies make fake claims about their products using fake customer reviews and fake ratings. Simply Ling booster is worthless product.

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Refund Policy:

When I called manufacturer about the problem I had to face after using their product, I got no proper response. I asked them to refund my payment as their product failed to do anything they claimed. But they told me they had no refund policy. After few more calls, they blocked my number. When I searched for their certification from government, I couldn’t find any.

Final verdict:

When you are looking for good product, Stop getting fooled by this kind of rubbish and fake products as they are neither approved by government nor any doctors. These companies are making fool out of unaware customers.

My Personal suggestion Instead of Ling booster products, go for penis enlargement pills. AYUR69 is arguably the best capsule which is available in Indian market

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