Hammer of Thor Review: A terrible scam which can adversely affect your health

Details of product :

Name: Hammer of Thor

Manufacturer details: No genuine detail available

Price: Ranging from INR 1600 to INR 3990

Positive Points: 14 % users claimed their penis size increased. 12% felt their libido increased

Negative Points: 86% users felt cheated. 20% users facing serious sexual dysfunctional issues. 18% users claims they got addicted to this pill.

Hammer of Thor Capsule Reviews and Results

Hammer of thor reviews
We bought Hammer of thor product recently

Hello Friends, Today I got a chance to share my experience about the above mentioned product and I would love to expose this fake scam. I will tell you how this product made my life miserable. Check out full review of hammer of thor product and the result which i got by using this hammer of thor product.

Finally found a Best One that is – Ayur 69 Reviews and my result here

How I bumped across HAMMER OF THOR

While I was looking for ways to increase my sex drive on internet, I was very clear that I wanted a perfectly natural and organic solution to my problem. I already had visited various product’s websites which claimed to increase sex drive and stamina but contained chemical ingredients and had severe side effects and hence I avoided it.

It was then when I came across “HAMMER OF THOR”. Its website claimed it was 100% natural and contained ingredients like: Hypericum Perforatum, Onopordum acanthium, Tribulus, terrestris etc. When I looked up for these ingredients I came to know that these were all herbal plants which were being used by humans from centuries to increase sex drive, hormonal activities and longer erections. Due to these claims I was convinced about the product and I ordered it. It arrived after 11 days due to delay in delivery.

Hammer of thor fake product
Hammer of thor is fake product

I was so glad to receive the product and I started taking 2 pills on daily basis as instructed in instruction manuals. After 4 days, I got a chance to make love with my wife as it was her birthday. We started making love in my bedroom and soon I had a good erection and we started having sex. 1st round lasted for 11 minutes which was 3 minutes more than my regular rounds. I thought this was a positive result of “HAMMER OF THOR”. After a rest my wife wanted to have a next round. But at that time, I realized I was unable to get any erection at all!! This was a horrible moment. Even before taking “HAMMER OF THOR”, I could make out for at least 2 rounds. But I was not able to get any erection. Still I continued taking those pills in the hope of greater good.

After few days, I started feeling dizzy, I felt nausea, this product even affected my digestive system adversely and I started having breathing problem. My heart rate increased severely after every round of sex, which was a signal that I was having side effects of pills. I had to consult my physician and he strictly advised me to stop using this pills. He explained to me how these manufacturers were using chemicals instead of any herbal ingredients and due to this customers had to face severe physical and mental problems.

No after sales support

After I stopped taking pills, I decided to take this issue to the company and decided to claim refund. My first call was transferred to some female receptionist who said their company had no refund policy for used product. When I asked her to transfer my call to higher authorities, she disconnected the call and added me to the block list.

My opinion

Don’t fall for these false claims by foreign companies as their only goal is to earn money and health of their customer is of zero importance to them

Alternate products:

After this horrible and painful experience I was not at all ready to take any supplements. But Then a friend suggested me a products named “AYUR 69”. He was using this product from 6 months and he had no side effects at all. Apart from that, this product is purely herbal and is made from natural ingredients like: Ashwagandha, Shilajeet, Musli, Kauncha. I am using this product from last 2 weeks and it has drastically increased my libido. My digestive system is working properly, my metabolism rate has also increased. The most important benefit is ,this product has increased  size of my penis by at least 4 c.m. I will suggest “AYUR 69” to all the readers as it has given me very positive results.

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